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Looking for Panic Disorder Treatments

Panic disorder is an anxiety disorder that affects many people. Characterised by recurring panic attacks, it causes a series of intense episodes of extreme anxiety. It can also cause significant behavioural changes for a month prior to the attack. This may well involve the fear of another impending attack.

Symptoms of a panic attack include: sudden high anxiety, heart palpitations, sweating and shaking, a ‘smothering’ sensation’, shortness of breath, a feeling of choking, nausea, dizziness, and feeling faint. It’s safe to say panic attacks are a highly unpleasant experience. Although it may feel like you’re losing your mind, panic attacks are actually harmless. However, during an attack it often feels like something terrible is about to happen. You may even feel a strong urge to leave the present area and go somewhere which feels safer.

As with many mental health disorders, its causes aren’t completely understood. Like general anxiety, it’s thought by many to be caused by a combination of physical and psychological factors. These factors may include traumatic life experiences, genetics, neurotransmitters and catastrophic thinking patterns.

If you’re looking for panic disorder treatments, simply head to West London & Chiswick Counselling. Therapy can give you a great space to undercover the reasons for your panic disorder and the best way to treat it.

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