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Help With An Eating Disorder In West London

Eating disorders are serious and potentially devastating. It may come as a surprise, but eating disorders are rarely about sufferers wanting to lose weight to become thin. Signs of compulsive dieting, starving, binging and purging are commonly caused by stress, anxiety and depression and a want of being in control of something.

These behaviours may relieve your stress and emotional situations but in the long term eating disorders can create serious complications. When out of control to the highest degree, an eating disorder can actually have life threating consequences.

West London & Chiswick Counselling can help you to understand the cause of your food related problems, no matter where you live across West London. We examine the underline feelings, thoughts and behaviours to identify the main triggers and assist you in improving your strength and self-image.

We appreciate that each individual’s distorted eating pattern is unique, so we listen and understand your unpleasant feelings to find ways of working through it. West London & Chiswick Counselling offers you constant support and we find alternative healthier eating patterns to replace your unbalanced decisions.

The difference it can make to speak with a professional and experienced counsellor is tremendous. By offering a safe and trusting environment for people across West London of all age groups, we help to improve the quality of lives for those faced with challenging eating disorders.

Please feel free to call us on 07930 155347 to arrange a session at our clinic or a private Skype call.